A missed Opportunity for Paleontologists

posted Aug 20, 2015, 7:53 PM by Trevor King
The whole point of this article was why paleontologists were mad about the move,"Jurassic world."The reason why to this the paleontologists were made about the movie was that everything they should about dinosaurs weren't really accurate.Even the big famous known science associations ,NASA, National Science Foundation and well-known news channel,came to attack the film maker for it's false dinosaurs."Through articles and opinion pieces in National GeographicThe GuardianScientific AmericanThe TelegraphCBSCNN, and the New York Times, scientists have roundly attacked the Jurassic World filmmakers for failing to make the new villains of their monster movie look like our current interpretations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles."The author chose the title "A missed Opportunity for paleontologist" becuase if there were in the movie they would have made the facts  more realistic and educative then it was before.