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The focus of this perspective is on RELATIONSHIPS, POWER, and on understanding the STRUCTURES underlying situations. Ethicists using this perspective might examine these aspects of an issue: 
  1. Vulnerable Populations
    • Who makes up the most vulnerable populations?

    • Ethical analysis should focus on these populations, because how 

      they are treated in a society reflects the morals of that society. 

  2. Importance of Experience 
    • What are the personal and collective experiences of the individual considered?
    • Knowledge that comes from experience is valuable
  3. Underlying Structure
    1. What is the underlying structure of the situation? (Looking at the structure gets us away from labeling ‘good’ or ‘bad’ people.) 
    2. How does the structure drive certain aspects of the situation? Is the structure itself oppressive? 
    3. What is being ignored? Is my attention being distracted? Should I be suspicious? 
    4. Who benefits? At whose expense? What is being left out?
  4. Relationships
    • What are the qualities of the relationships?
    • ‘Right-relationships’ honor the dignity of human beings and 
are based on mutual benefit instead of domination


  •  Provides a balance to principle-based approaches 
  • Provides context


  • Power structures are not always evident 
  • Lacks rules or principles that are easy to apply