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Great Discoveries in Genetics

We owe our extensive knowledge of genetics to the work of past scientists over the last 150 years. In this activity you will read a classic paper in genetics, write a summary of the paper (hypothesis, methods, results, conclusions), include any important graphs, tables or figures, photos of scientists and/or experimental subjects, and finally discuss how that paper shaped our knowledge of genetics. Also give a short biography of the author(s) of the paper you are researching. Be aware of format and make sure to use photos that are in the public domain, or have a creative commons license (attribute work to author(s) as required.)

Post all photos to this picasaweb album prior to posting on the page.

Papers and Links

1865 Gregor Mendel- 2015
1903 Walter Sutton- 2015
1910 T.H. Morgan
1950 McClintock