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  • Virtual Fly Lab
    • Create a New account
    • Use class code: 14655261
    • Understanding the Program
      • Start by ordering two wild type flies and mate them.
      • View your flies under the microscope and sort them.
      • View the flies close-up and note the difference between males and females.
      • Add your data to your notebook. 
      • Use the computer to "analyze results"
      • Go to the chi square analysis. Enter your hypothesis. Since both of your parents with wild type, you would expect a 50:50 ratio of male to females. You will need to you a calculator to determine the expected numbers from the total number of offspring you have. Enter that number in the "hypothesis" column. 
      • The computer will do the chi square analysis for you and show your statistical results. 
      • Return to your notebook and look at your data. 
      • "Save" your notebook.
      • Just play with the simulator for now to see what it does. Remove all your data from your notebook before you start the real assignments.
    • For you to do:
      • Determine the zygosity of each fly in your cross
        • dominant or recessive, homozygous or heterozygous
      • Determine the effects of each allele by analyzing the offspring from your crosses.
        • Lethal alleles, linked genes (bonus for determining map distance), sex-linkage, etc.
      • Support or refute your hypothesis with a Chi-square analysis of the results
    • The Assignments
      • You will be assigned one of the following crosses below
        • Female apterous wing x Male sepia eyes
        • Female dumpy wing x Male shaven bristles
        • Female purple eyes/apterous wing x Male wild type
        • Female wild type x Male yellow body
        • Female curly wing x Male wild type
        • Female wild type x Male stubble bristles
        • Female wild type x Male scalloped wings
        • Female black body x Male purple eye
        • Female Lobe eyes x Male spineless bristles
        • Female vestigial wings x Male eyeless
        • Female wild type x male white eye
      • Come up with a null hypothesis for your cross. 
      • Your hypothesis should be based on Mendelian ratios.
    • You will write a formal lab report (in partners) using the template provided on the virtual fly lab
      • grading will be based on the virtual fly lab rubric
  • Keep Reading: Ch 14-16
  • Short Exam/ Long Quiz next Monday (02/01)