posted May 31, 2016, 8:35 PM by Marschal Fazio
  • In-class reading and Essay
    • Ethics in Animal Research
      • Essay Prompt
        • The practice of experimenting on animals has not always been controversial. In pursuit of scientific knowledge, animal testing been essential, but as the word testing implies, such experiments are often harmful or ineffective. In recent years with advancements in both science and new societal norms animals research has become a controversial topic.  Today's scientists have had to choose whether to put morals over advancements, ultimately determining the fate of countless animals.
        • Using your articles as a resource, including the introduction, write an essay (5 paragraph format) in which you formulate a position on the issue of animal experimentation. Synthesize at least three pieces of evidence from the articles (cite author and page number in parenthesizes).
      • Due at end of period