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posted Oct 6, 2016, 7:27 AM by Marschal Fazio
  • Last in class day to work on this:
    • Hardy-Weinberg modeling lab
      • Lab Instructions
      • In class example
        • goal today is to make a single spreadsheet with at least 5 generations, modeling equilibrium (i.e. no evolution)
      • Modify your Model to explore the other conditions of Hardy Weinberg
        • Case I: An Ideal Hardy-Weinberg Population
          • this is what you have just done
        • Case II: Selection
        • Case III: Heterozygote Advantage
        • Case IV: Genetic Drift
        • Case V: User’s Choice
          • choose something that hasn't already been explored
      • See specifics here along with questions to be answered once you have completed your model
      • Create a folder in Google Drive
        • place spreadsheets and
        • questions document in folder
        • share folder with my gmail address


  • Work on Hardy-Weinberg Models
  • Reading CH 22-26