Darin Ali Gadhvi's Bacteria and Fungi

I had the nutrient broth/agar. I exposed it on my patio shelf for about 20 minutes everyday. The temperature was almost the same everyday. It was between 75-77 degrees Fahrenheit. I would do it around sunset where there was little to no light. 

Growth of One Colony

Area of Colonies in 17 Days

Graph of Area of Colonies in 17 days

Total Number of Colonies

Growth of A single colony

Chart of the Growth of A single Colony


    My bacteria plate is the nutrient broth (NB) and I observed and analyzed the data throughout the month. I took 17 days worth of observations only though. During the first three days there were no sign of any significant change and continued to repeat the process of exposing the petri dish to the air and taking a picture, however starting in the fourth day it showed signs of colonies brewing. They started to grow some tiny colonies until one huge one appeared on the fourth day.
     I think that my bacteria experienced logistic growth example because of the activity the nutrient broth has made. After these activity had been shown on Day 7, I noticed that there was such a huge change in the colonies compared to the third day. 
    On Day 5 the broth started to show colonies appearing more and more often. IN later days the broth showed even more large colonies. 
    Eventually on Day 9, I noticed the bacteria was slowly decaying and withering. The color and smell of it changed as well. It looked like the bacteria was not getting the nutrients it needed. The bacteria was slowly dying because of this. The colonies slowly started shrinking in size. The highest possible count for colonies were in Day 8 which was 7.768. The lowest count was in Day 15 1.139. 

I learned....

From this experiment, I've learned how teh nutrient broth grows and what competition occurs. The colonies have to compete to grow, since the dish - its environment - limits the capacity of population. This shows how the colonies have to compete to survive.