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Experiment:Growing Bacteria/Fungi at Home.
I leave my petri dish for at least 10min-1hr in my room. I now usually come home around 7:50pm going to 8:00pm because of a sport I joined. At that time my room temperature is cold( don't know the room temperature). The light is turned on so I could get a good picture of the petri dish.

Petri dish expiriment

(Put the captions on to fully understand the pictures of the experiment!!!)

Bacteria&fungi chart.

Bacteria & Chart Graphs

After the experiment I realized how many bacteria that's in the plate.At first the bacteria starts to grow small white foamy-like circles. Then in a few days or so the white circles start to get bigger and starts to turn all black.The from all the bacteria was in the plate I've graphed them and it gave me a logistic growth. Later through time it stop growing and I realized that the nutrients/ or were the bacteria is laid on(not the petri dish).