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Paperase (enzyme activity simulation)


In this lab, your hands are the enzyme, paperase. This enzyme split the sugar, paperose, into subunit A and subunit B. You will split this molecule by ripping the paper model down the middle. 

For you to do

Observe the catalyzed reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide and Catalase enzyme (extracted from yeast, liver, or vegetables such as potato). What do you think is happening on a molecular level? If you were to observe this reaction for several minutes what do you think will happen? If you were able to measure the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the beaker through out the period, how do you think the resulting graph would look? Draw a graph as directed by your teacher and post the graph to Dropbox or PicasaWeb as instructed.


  1. Your group needs to obtain 50 molecules of white paperose that your teacher gives you. 

  2. Place all 50 molecules in a container.

  3. One member will act as the enzyme (paperase), one member will be the timer, and another will

    record the number of molecules ripped by each time interval.

    1. The person who acts as the enzyme must follow these rules:

      1) when told to begin, grab one paperose molecule from the container and rip it down the middle.
      2) Place the pieces back into the container and grab another whole paperose molecule.
      3) Do not look into the container.

      4) If you grab a molecule that is already ripped, throw it back in and try again. 5) Count the number of molecules ripped aloud as you go.

      6) Try to work at a consistent pace throughout.

    2. The timer will tell the enzyme when to begin and will tell the recorder when they have reached each time interval (10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, 180 seconds, and 360 seconds). The time intervals are cumulative. The enzyme should keep rippingandcountingfortheentire360seconds. Iftheenzymerunsoutofpaperose molecules, none should be added to the container.

    3. The recorder will record the total number of paperose molecules ripped at each time interval. These numbers will be cumulative and should NOT start over at each interval! 

  4. Record all data as directed in the Paperase Spreadsheet linked here

Your Own Investigation

Using the previous procedure as a guide come up with your way to modify in order to simulate the effects of, temperature, pH, or inhibitors on enzyme activity. Brain storm as a class and then come up with your final procedure. Share the results with the class.

When you have completed the enzyme activity please answer the following questions

Paperase Lab Analysis